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I really really enjoyed all the time I spent in Lisbon.  It had an atmosphere that reminded me of San Francisco with the amount of hills and trams running all over the place for good transportation, paired with its own sense of beauty with the red rooftops and gorgeous sunsets over the water.  The seafood here was amazing, saw some cool pieces of history, and traveled to what seemed like a new world in Sintra.  The beach day at Cascais was awesome to get a break from the city life, but all in all, Lisbon as well as these surrounding experiences provided for a great trip and introduction to Portugal, looking forward to hopefully exploring more soon!

  • Stay

    • Happy at Chiado: Link

    • Next time: 100% stay here again, great location

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Pink Street

      • Fun street near the water with fun bars and delicious seafood

      • Really popular at night for going out

    • Sunset on the water

      • Absolute must

      • There are a ton of little huts serving great seafood and sangria to grab while you watch

    • Praca do Comercio

      • Square near the water with tons of big stores, restaurants, and shopping

    • Jeronimo Monastery

      • Pretty cool to see a monastery for the first time and it’s just a quick like 30 minute activity

      • Possibly expect a line to enter so buy tickets ahead of time

    • Sintra

      • This is an absolute must, almost like a fairytale place with magnificent castles and buldings and sights

      • Have to hop on the train to Sintra whoich is about 45 minutes and then once there take a mototaxi/car to the top to see two things:

        • 1. Sintra Castle

          • Beautiful castle with the most incredible view of the land and really awesome to see this history

        • 2. Moors Castle

          • Another absolute must when you are there, awesome walk through greenery and then on actual castle lands where knights walked and patrolled

      • After seeing these main two things the city is cool to walk around in and has a couple museums but the line was too long for us to wait

    • Cascais

      • Incredible beach and area and how we spent our last day in Lisbon

      • We hopped in an Uber that was probably 30-45 minutes but you get to this incredible beach town with gorgeous beaches and a fun town to walk around/Lime through

      • Get a massage on the beach

        • Have to make an appointment so find a place as soon as possible to reserve for later

      • One of my favorite and most relaxing days of the whole trip, nice break from the city life

    • Saint George Castle

      • Cool part of history with great views of the city

      • Reserve tickets ahead of time to skip the line

    • Feira da Ladra

      • Flea market each Sunday

    • Belem Tower

      • Always said as something to do but it is so boring, there was a massive line to go up the tower, and there was absolutely nothing at the top, not even a good view or anything

      • Skip skip skip

    • Miraduoro Sao Pedro

      • Great park for sunset that also serves drinks and sometimes has live music at night

    • Miraduoro de Santa Luzia

      • Beautiful view but not necessary to travel specifically for as many places can provide a similar view

  • Breakfast Places and Reviews

    • Quase Cafe

      • Delicious breakfast place with the most incredible croissants and the eggs benedict was delicious

      • Long wait so try to get there early/expect a wait

    • Fauna & Flora

      • Really good breakfast

      • I got the bacon/prosciutto toast and it was delicious

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Tapa Bucho

      • Solid tapas place near Bairro Alto

      • My favorite was the pork belly and the steak is extremely good

    • Time Out Market

      • Great place with tons of restaurants inside serving great seafood, lots of variety

    • A Valenciana

      • Definitely out of the way but some of the best grilled chicken I have ever had

    • Boa Bao

      • 100% recommend

      • Awesome bao buns and dumplings and just everything we got was incredible

    • Mensagem Restaurante

      • Great rooftop restaurant on the fifth floor of a hotel and view of the city

      • The steak was incredible and the burrata was also delicious

  • Best Bars/Clubs

    • Bairro Alto

      • We didn’t go out much but the streets are packed with people drinking outside of different bars and clubs

      • Really cool to just walk through and get a sense of the Lisbon culture and fun atmosphere

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