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I have been to Jerusalem four separate times now and each trip just seems to provide more magic and increase the amount of love I have for this city and country.  The history, the food, the people, the atmosphere, everything combines to make this place so beautiful and someplace I would love to live for a certain portion of my life.  I really fell in love through the gap year I took here which was 9 months, and am fortunate that I got to be immersed in the city as more of a local than just a tourist.  Personally, I feel Jerusalem is a must for any traveler and I could just go on writing forever about my love for the city but for now, just get here!

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Kotel

      • This is an absolute must as it is one of the most holy sites in the world

      • Would highly recommend going on a Friday night to witness Shabbat

      • Make sure to be mindful of being on your phone if you go on Shabbat/holiday

    • Machane Yehuda Shuk

      • One of the most fun places for food and shopping during the day/going out and drinking at night

      • The best thing to witness is shopping on Friday at like 12/1 and seeing the crowds of people there buying food for the weekend, but super crowded

      • You have to get the Israeli gummies, such better candy than America

      • I have a ton of favorite things within the shuk that will be listed down below

    • Ben Yehuda St.

      • Long and most famous street with tons of food and shops

    • Kinneset

      • Israeli parliament building that is awesome to book for a tour

      • Make sure to dress up a little

    • Temple Mount

      • I went up once but hid my necklace and ring and pretended and said I was atheist

      • Definitely a cool part of history to see

    • Jewish Quarter

      • Old City

        • Beautiful place to walk around and se the atmosphere and history

      • Church of the Holy Sepulchre

        • Extremely holy place in the world where it is said Jesus reincarnated

    • Get iced coffee from any place looking like a frosty/slushie machine

    • Yad Vashem

      • Incredible Holocaust museum​

    • Mount Hertzl

      • Walk and see the beautiful hills filled with the cemeteries of the greatest leaders​

  • Breakfast Places and Reviews

    • Aroma

      • Great breakfast chain with the most popular thing being the iced coffee (more of like a coffee smoothie)

      • I like the iced cookies (Ice O0-Gey-Oat) the best personally as well as the salmon sandwich

  • Lunch Places and Reviews

    • Hummus Ben Sira

      • Great and classic hummus place, totally a fan favorite

    • Hummus Shel Techina

      • My personal favorite hummus in Jerusalem, specifically the one with the fried mushrooms

    • Just Meat

      • Wow wow my favorite place in all of Jerusalem

      • This is a must get sandwich on Ben Yehudah St. and you have to get the Entrecote sandwich

      • Most incredible steak sandwich

    • Pepito’s

      • Great cubano place in Machane Yehuda

    • Cafe Rimon

      • Solid food but not my favorite place

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Burger Market

      • My other go to restaurant and first stop besides Just Meat is here

      • Incredible and massive burger that is a favorite among everyone

    • Ishtabach

      • Such a unique restaurant of meat filled pastries that are absolutely delicious

    • Crave

      • A lot of people love and die by this place but I thought it was good, not incredible

      • Serving kosher classics of stuff like reubens with non dairy cheese and such

    • Sushiya

      • Great sushi place that has fun surprise rolls where you just say what you don’t like and they create a new roll for you that is always unique

      • Small space so very limited seating

    • Sushi Rehavia

      • Ok sushi but sushiya is definitely better

    • Papagaio

      • All you can eat kosher brazilian steakhouse that is delicious but a little outside center city

    • Wok Market

      • Good wok and sushi place located in the shuk

  • Dessert/Late Night Eats

    • New Deli

      • My friends and I’s favorite stop for quick and delicious sandwich

      • I personally get the goose breast and it is so so good

    • Golda

      • Some of my favorite ice cream I’ve ever had

    • Roladin

      • Great sweets no matter what you get

    • Marzipan

      • The most incredible pastries located right outside of Machane Yehuda, come in a box of about 30, rolled up chocolate pastries

      • If they have challah available on Friday morning GET IT, best challah I have ever had

    • Jachnun Bar

      • Awesome vegan place that is a delicious grilled dough filled with unlimited toppings

      • Have to get the Malawach, don’t get the actual jachnun

    • Ketzefet

      • Good crepe and ice cream place on Ben Yehuda St.

  • Best Bars/Clubs

    • Beer Bazaar

      • One of my favorite places in Jerusalem located in the shuk

      • Great and rotating beer menu with an incredible sandwich on their secret menu

      • Highly highly recommend any of the beers, they are all delicious and fun atmosphere

    • Mike’s Place

      • Great American place showing all sports games with good drinks

      • Located in a touristy square with other bars that may be marked up because of tourists but still fun club like atmospheres

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