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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was able to provide me with probably one of the best moments of my life, watching Argentina win the world cup.  When deciding where to start on my last trip, I realized that the world cup final would be over the dates that I am in South America, and i had always wanted to go to Argentina.  It was early on in the World Cup but wow am I lucky that they actually made it to the finals and won.  Being in Dublin for St. Patrick's is one thing, but that was just truly incredible.  Building up to the event there was not much happening in the city but after the final, this was the sole thing happening and it made for the most incredible experience in Buenos Aires.  I definitely did not have the normal Buenos Aires experience so my recommendations are maybe limited but boy do I love this energy of this city.  Would 1000% return ! 

  • Stay

    • Play Hostel Arcos: Link

    • Next time: Would definitely stay here again but maybe switch it to be closer to Plaza de Mayo just for a change, but Palermo was awesome and in the direct center!

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Recoleta Cemetery

      • Definitely interesting and cool to see, but I don’t feel like this is absolutely necessary

    • Puerto Madero

      • Beautiful area all along the water with nice meat places and other food

      • Definitely walk to the very end of where the ecological reserve is and get choripan (famous Argentinian snack)

    • Plaza de Mayo and La Casa Rosada

      • Beautiful area where I was tired from walking around and I literally just took a nap on the grass

    • Plaza Serrano

      • Cool area in Palermo with just a ton of bars and restaurants with lively crowds and good drinks

    • Botanical Garden, Rose Garden Walk, and Japanese Garden

      • All really beautiful to walk through and all right next to each other in Palermo

    • La Boca

      • Awesome area a decent bit from center city, but almost an entirely different city due to its colorful buildings, desserts, and lively and fun atmosphere

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Don Julio

      • 7th ranked restaurant in the world

      • I didn’t have a reservation so I was told to show up at 6:15 and I’m glad I did because a massive line started to form that went down the entire block and then looped around

      • They open at 7 so if you don’t have a reservation it is just first come first serve

      • Waiting in line isn’t terrible because eventually they come out and start giving out incredible empanadas and unlimited free glasses of chardonnay

      • Literally by the time I sat down I had five cups and was hammered

      • I got a steak that was really really good as well as the incredible tomatoes that came with it, and the classic sausage was delicious

    • Mishiguene

      • 31st ranked restaurant in the world

      • Hard to judge fairly because all of the recommended items were meat/shellfish which my friend doesn’t eat so we had to stay vegetarian

      • For this reason, I was not impressed and found this restaurant totally overrated, however, the meat items looked really good

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