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This is a hard review coming straight from Mykonos which is up there for the best city I have ever been to.  Santorini definitely maintained the beauty of Mykonos with gorgeous sunsets, however the partying and things to do and see definitely did not compare, not bashing on Santorini but more praising Mykonos.  Santorini still provided awesome night out experiences paired with great food and its beauty is definitely worth a visit.  Would I come back?  maybe for a couple days but I would dedicate most of the time to Mykonos if you're really looking for a more lively and fun culture.

  • Stay

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Hike from Fira to Oia/Oia to Fira

      • 7 miles but not too challenging of uphills and provides spectacular views along the way

      • Make a detour to Skaros Rock

      • Massive rock you’ll see on the water that is beautiful and provides a great view right onto the water

      • Cliff jumping at the end in Amoudi Bay

    • Cliff jumping in Amoudi Bay

      • Walk down the 214 steps to Amoudi Bay from Oia, then walk to the left through the seafood restaurants and follow the path on rocks around the cliff

      • You arrive at crystal clear water where you get in, swim across to the lone rock in the water, and jump off the gray ledge you’ll see on the left side

      • WEAR WATER SHOES as the ground hurts as you’re gettin into the water, and as you climb up the steps to the jumping spot

    • Book a sunset caldera cruise

      • Every one you see is basically the same and they cook great food and take you around beautiful islands

  • Breakfast Places and Reviews

    • V Lounge

      • Awesome breakfast place with a great view and really comfy seating

  • Lunch Places and Reviews

    • Apsithia Restaurant

      • Great place in Oia on the water

      • Lamb shank was extremely good

      • One of our favorite tzatzikis but definitely not a must go to, probably better places around the area

    • Lucky’s Souvlakis

      • Incredible gyro place that is only 3 euro 

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Pelican Kipos

      • Probably my favorite dinner on the island in the heart of Fira

      • Incredible atmosphere that plays kind of crazy good covers to american songs

      • Table favorites were the slow cooked lamb in the crock pot and the pork in beer sauce

    • Ari’s Restaurant

      • Great food and drinks

    • Kaliya

      • Beautiful restaurant

      • Table favorite was tuna tartare and truffle hummus so maybe just go for appetizers

  • Best Bars/Clubs

    • Murphy’s Bar

      • Fun place for dancing but not much else

    • Highlander Bar

      • Fun place for dancing but not much else

    • Koo Club

      • Super sick outdoor club that plays really good music and isn’t crazy expensive, starts getting really fun around 1

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