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This city is truly so awesome and beautiful in it's own unique way.  The layout of this city makes it a little difficult to get around to places since there is a giant hill between where the houses are and the main things like the beach and shops, but I absolutely loved our time here.  This was our first city in Italy and started it off right with some incredible pastas, and not to mention fun shops filled with art and limoncello to explore, a beautiful beach, and definitely one of the best pizzas and cheesecake I have ever had.  This was a great way to start off Italy and would definitely return.

  • Stay

    • Casa Ferrante: Link

    • Next time: Although up the big hill, it's a great location and cheapest you'll find

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Beach day

      • The beach and water are absolutely gorgeous so definitely head down and rent a chair for a day

      • There is a bus that is an easy 2 euro to take all the way up the hill if you don’t want to go on a long hike back up

    • Walk along the main hill and road

      • There are super cool art galleries, limencello shops, and great restaurants all along the way

    • Path of the Gods Hike

      • We didn’t get to do this, but everyone says it is gorgeous and a must do

      • Little complicated because it doesn’t start in Positano, so your options to start the hike are take a bus to the starting point or walk up 1,700 stairs to get to the starting point

  • Lunch Places and Reviews

    • Ristorante Bruno

      • The best pasta vongole (pasta with clams) all of us have ever had, actually incredible

      • The carbonara wasn’t that incredible but they had a meatball special that was awesome as well as the lemon sorbet

    • Da Vincenzo

      • Awesome restaurant with a great view

      • The short rib rigatoni was awesome but too al dente for me

      • Best cheesecake I have ever had

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Ristorante Saraceno d’Oro

      • Easily one of the best pizzas I have ever had

      • We got the bacon and onion and the diavolo (spicy salami) which were both incredible, but I loved the bacon one more

    • Ristorante Lido Incanto

      • Restaurant on the beach that definitely wasn’t the best food you can find in Positano, but if you want to eat on the beach this is a good choice

  • Best Bars/Clubs

    • Music on The Rocks

      • Basically the only club/going out place in Positano and it was definitely fun, but not the craziest thing ever

      • Pretty sure it is 30 euro cover for everyone every single night

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