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Rio de Janeiro

As soon as we arrived I already knew it was going to be one of my favorite cities.  Rio shot straight up into my top 3 of all time for cities visited and there is no doubt that I want to live there someday.  Everyone is so active, the hikes are gorgeous, the food is incredible, the beaches are amazing, and the overall atmosphere is just extremely happy.  I spent five days here and wish I could have had two more weeks.  On top of that, it was a little cloudy and gloomy while we were there.  If my love for this city is this strong and I wasn't even there on any of the beautiful and sunny days they mostly post year round, I hope you recognize how badly you need to get to Rio...ASAP!

  • Stay

    • Pura Vida Hostel: Link

    • Ubirajara's Airbnb: Link

    • Next time: Would 100% stay at both again!  Pura Vida has a great social atmosphere with events every day of the week and Ubirajara's is great apartment right near the Aproador

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Beaches

      • Copacabana

        • More restaurants along the beach with lots of people selling stuff along the walkway, much more lively

      • Ipanema

        • Safer and cleaner area with a view of Two Brothers Mountain

    • Christ the Redeemer

      • 100% a must, beautiful view from the top

      • Two ways to get up to the structure

        • Train

          • 20 minute beautiful ride to the top through the forest

          • Costs about 120 real

        • Hike

          • I heard this is an extremely difficult two hour hike

          • Also it is apparently dangerous with people hiding in the jungle and then robbing people as they hike

          • Go at you own risk from the entrance at Parque Lage

    • Parque Lage

      • Beautiful park to walk through and hosts the entrance of the hike to Christ the Redeemer

    • Lagoa

      • So beautiful to just walk around the lagoon and see all the outdoor activities locals are partaking in

    • Dos Irmãos

      • One of my favorite hikes I have ever done

      • Definitely not an easy hike but by no means challenging

      • A little complicated to get to the entrance so here are the exact directions

        • 1. Uber to Praca Vidigal

        • 2. Walk up the stairs and get on a mototaxi and just say “Dos Irmaos”, everyone will understand and go to the same place

          • a. They may be asking if you want to ride in a van, totally safe but not nearly as fun as being on the motorcycle

        • 3. Walk across the soccer field and there will be someone there (maybe with an AK) but just give him 10 reals and you’re good to go

      • BIGGEST NOTE: bring bananas with you as there are monkeys throughout the trail that would love to be fed and will come straight up to you

    • Sugarloaf Mountain

      • Another absolute must of Rio

      • Two ways to get to the top

        • 1. Take the gondola up all the way from the bottom, stopping at Morro da Urca

        • 2. Hike Morro da Urca which only takes about 25 minutes through the jungle, and then take the gondola Morro da Urca to the top of Sugarloaf

          • Getting on the gondola off the hike closes at 5pm so make sure you allow yourself time to get to the top

      • Gorgeous view from the top, absolutely incredible for sunset

    • Boat Party

      • Try to get on a boat party at some night as they are so much fun

    • Sunset at Aproador

      • Most famous place to watch sunset in Rio

      • Right at the intersection of Ipanema and Copacabana is this giant rock structure where you will see crowds of people all there for sunset

      • It will not disappoint, incredible view

  • Breakfast Places and Reviews

    • Maria Acai

      • I got this acai every single morning in Rio, so delicious and cheap

      • Multiple locations around Rio but the best one is the one at Ipanema

    • Hiper Mate

      • My favorite thing to pair with the acai each morning, a ham and cheese croissant

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Restaurante Mondego

      • Solid food along the Copacabana road but definitely better food elsewhere

    • Botekim do Japa

      • Actually delicious sushi was considering going back the next night

    • Djalma Burger e Bistrô

      • Great american burger if you need a break from the seafood and grilled meats

    • Galeto’s Copa Rio

      • LOVE this place

      • Always packed and the best thing to get is the Ribeye piranha steak, the broccoli rice, and the polenta fries are a must

      • You’re welcome

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