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Mumbai quickly became one of my all-time favorite cities I have ever been to.  Not in the sense that it would be the first place I travel back to, but it completely revolutionized my thought on life.  I actually came here on a group trip so a lot of the days were all organized, but part of the trip was teaching english to kids in impoverished communities and wow I would do this same trip 1,000 times over.  In the free time we had, I got to explore certain parts of the city that were filled with incredible street food, lassis, and awesome masala dosas.  I would definitely come back to Mumbai if given the opportunity!

  • Stay

    • Colaba Area​

    • Next time: Definitely stay there again, so close to the main road and restaurants

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Eat the street food

      • My advisors made me scared to eat the street food because of the dirty water and such, but at one point I was just like c'mon I’m here I have to try it

      • Everything was actually incredible and eventually my whole group started eating everything and no one got sick

    • Colaba

      • The area I stayed in that has a ton of restaurants and really is center city Mumbai

    • Gateway of India

      • Iconic gate on the water that is definitely a must see

    • Regal Circle

      • Circle just in the city center with cool things to walk around and see

      • Tons of street food in the area

    • Marine Drive

      • Famous street right on the water that’s pretty to walk along with nicer restaurants

    • Elephanta Island

      • Absolute must do

      • Take a ferry from the Gateway of India and you get to this island of ruins and a million monkeys all around

      • The monkeys are definitely a little aggressive so don’t try to pet or play with them

      • Chowpatty Beach

      • Amazing area on the beach with a ton of food trucks, super popular local area

      • Highly recommend for dinner one night

    • Banganga Tank

      • Cool area a little outside center city to walk around and see

    • Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple

      • Witness the Hare Krishna religion and their upbeat and festive songs from an observation deck

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Samrat Veg Restaurant

      • Awesome all you can eat nice Indian restaurant for literally $5

    • Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room

      • Solid food!

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