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Punta del Este

Getting to come here was extremely special because I stayed and got to spend three days with one of my closest friends from college and she gave a great tour of the beauty and fun of Punta del Este.  The beaches here were some of the most gorgeous I've experienced and definitely took some great naps on them as well.  These beaches also have huts selling food and drinks in which everyday I would get a strawberry banana smoothie which was always delicious.  Overall, there is not a ton to do in this city but if you want to explore some beautiful beaches and great food in a cool and hip beachy town, this is the place to be!

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Beaches

      • Jose Ignacio Beach and Posta de Cangrejo Beach

        • Both are gorgeous beaches with delicious smoothies and drinks on the beach

    • Manantiales

      • Super cool beach town with tons of restaurants and nice shops to go through​

  • Lunch Places and Reviews

    • Crepas

      • Awesome crepe chain all over the city

      • I got the salmon tartare and it was delicious and fresh

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Cactus y Pescados

      • Very nice restaurant with a delicious chivito

  • Dessert/Late Night Eats

    • Fredo

      • Famous and delicious ice cream

      • Get the dulce de leche with chocolate chips

  • Best Bars/Clubs

    • Moby Dick

      • Cool bar along the port for drinks with comfy couches

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