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As you can tell from these recommendations, I honestly don't have a ton to provide.  I definitely wanted to see this city but we only set aside one day as kind of a layover in between Buenos Aires and Punta del Este.  In the small amount of time we had, I feel we got a pretty good sense of the city and would've loved to have a couple more days to explore some more great meat restaurants as well as more of the beaches.  I feel like if you only have one day in Montevideo, this is a great introduction to the city!

  • Stay

    • Viajero Hostel: Link

    • Next time: Definitely stay here again, great location

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • La Rambla

      • Beautiful road along the water to bike/walk on that passes multiple beaches and cool parks

    • Plaza de Independencia

      • Beautiful square that is definitely worth a walk through

    • Mercado del Puerto

      • Great restaurants all inside with really good parilla (grilled meat)

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