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My Story

Hi and thank you for coming to my page!  My name is Jeffrey Gold, originally from San Diego, went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and now living in Boston.  I graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship, and am now working as a Network Engineer at Dell Technologies.  I wanted to share a little bit about myself and some of my experiences that lead me to where I am today as a traveler with extreme curiosity and endless destinations in mind.


My love of exploring the world began with my family as I was fortunate enough to go on many trips outside of the U.S.  First came a family trip we did that started in Paris, then London, and then finished with two weeks in Israel, which instantly sparked a love for discovering the world.  Besides a cruise to Mexico, this was my first journey outside of America and I found it inspiring to see these famous places such as the Louvre and the Western Wall in person.  Visiting Europe and Asia truly showed me the difference in overall culture than America, and boosted me to want to continue to surround myself with new culture, new food, and a new way of living life.

Whether it was how they speak, what they speak, what they wear, I was so intrigued.  Little did my parents know how much this trip meant to me as it was the true start of my journey as a traveler.

Although I’m skipping a lot of steps in between, the next big moment was my decision to take a gap year in between high school and college and live in Israel for a year.  This trip was alongside 83 other individuals studying, traveling, and exploring Israel, as well as our identities and independence.  I am lucky to be able to say I was able to explore so many cities within the country and truly felt like a local.  We had winter break halfway through and instead of traveling to a fun country like most of my friends did, I decided to go to India and teach English to impoverished youth for three weeks.  My entire life I have been fortunate enough to travel and eat well throughout the world, however I knew going on this unique journey would show me something I have never experienced through any travel, and it ended up changing my entire outlook on life, allowing me to realize how fortunate I was and how much there is to be thankful for.


With this new sense of independence and heading to college, I knew that my enthusiasm and want to constantly be exploring was at an all time high, so I was always trying to plan a new trip, reading and learning about countries I had not visited to determine my next destination.  It took a little bit but in March of 2022, my senior year of college, one of my ultimate bucket list items was able to come into fruition, being in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day.  I was able to pair this with Amsterdam over spring break and this was eye opening for me, because it was more than just exploring the country, this was truly seeing the energy and passion of the people during their most important and fun days.  As you’ll see in my description, Dublin was not the best city ever, not a ton to do, food was alright, but visiting on this day in particular made it so far, one of the most memorable days of my life.  Now my travels were not just being planned on the sights and food of the countries I visit, but now having a bucket list of being in each country for their most special day/time of the year.


Next comes my graduation trip to Europe that lasted six weeks and included some of my best friends from college.  While sitting in each class leading up to the trip, I would always be researching the best restaurants to eat at, the best things to do, making tons of reservations, and ultimately fell in love with reading all of these articles which influenced what we did in each city.  This was obviously an incredible trip that took me through Greece, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal, and one that I will never forget and that contained some of the best days of my life.


Now I’m led to my most recent adventure, South America!  I had no real reason to go home for the holidays and my best friend since the beginning of high school decided to travel South America for six months, so I asked if I could join him.  I was able to get the time off from work and everything about the trp just fell into place.  I had always had a dream of going to Argentina and Brazil so based the trip around these two countries with a fun couple day stop in Uruguay.  It just so happens that this trip was over the World Cup final date, however it was so far from the finals that there was no thought of Argentina or Brazil making it as they just made it out of the group stages.  But as luck would have it, Argentina was in the finals which led to possibly the best and most memorable day of my entire life, Argentina winning the final.  If I thought about being in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day was wild, this absolutely blew that out of the water.  The energy of the city was unlike anything I have ever seen before as it wasn’t only cheering and yelling that they won, but I immediately saw families fall into tears and husbands clutching their wives, showing the true emotion and love they have for their country and this sport.  Simply life changing.


I want to end this “brief” introduction by saying how lucky I am to be surrounded by all the people in my life that support me to continue traveling, that join me on my travels, and that are always anxious to hear my stories when I return.  The amount of time I have researched on each city has ultimately lead to the experiences I embarked on in each country, so I hope this page can serve as a resource of knowledge for your travels, and note that these are my personal and honest reviews of each restaurant and attraction or event, hoping to sway you in the direction of doing things I have so highly praised and maybe allow you to not waste time on certain items that may be an overall waste of your good travel time.  I hope through these recommendations you are able to plan your next trip or make some awesome reservations and get you excited, as traveling is one of my true passions that I will hopefully continue to do for the rest of my life.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for visiting this page and reading my story.  I hope you can find the urge to book your next trip and explore the beautiful cultures, food, and experiences of other countries.


Follow me to keep up with my travels and life, and feel free to message where I should travel next/any recommendations or questions you may have about my recommendations or traveling in general.

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