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The only thing I can even begin to say about this city is WOW.  Going into this trip I took during spring break of senior year, March 2022, I knew from pictures how beautiful it would be, as well as an introduction to all the unique foods this country offers as well as the coffeeshops, but it exceeded every single expectation.  I discovered some of the best food and unique restaurants, explored some incredible museums, visited multiple coffeeshops, and consumed more french fries than I have ever had in my whole life.  Very quickly I realized that this city was not just one that would provide an awesome experience, but one of the first cities I could truly se myself wanting to live in and could see myself living in for part of my life.

  • Stay

    • Flying Pig Hostel Downtown: Link

    • Next time: Would 100% stay here again; awesome location and great rooms

  • Things to Do and Reviews

    • Canal Tour

      • 1000% you have to do a canal tour, we did a wine and cheese tour by Flagship and we were all hammered by the end, unlimited wine and cheese and a total of 75 minutes

      • Book your canal tour here: 

    • Anne Frank house

    • Van Gogh Museum

      • Make reservations early as they only sell a certain amount of tickets per day

      • Would highly recommend going to a coffeeshop and then to the museum, you will definitely not be disappointed

      • Probably the best and most interesting museum I have ever been to

      • Book your visit now: 

    • Albert Cuypmarkt

      • Cool street market with tons of awesome food, clothing, and gifts in the De Pijp neighborhood that is really fun to walk through

      • Open 9-5 everyday except Sunday

    • Noodermarkt

      • In the Jordaan neighborhood

      • They have a farmers market on saturday and antique fair on Mondays that are both 9am-1pm

        • I didn’t go to the farmers market but the antique fair was really fun to hunt and search through interesting items

    • Vondelpark

      • Absolutely beautiful park to walk through

    • Coffeeshops

      • My personal favorite was bulldog because they have outside tables right along the main canal

      • All I can say about this weed is wow

      • Be cautious because almost all prerolls are half weed half tobacco, so make sure to ask for a “pure” joint if you’re not into tobacco like me

    • A’DAM Tower and Swing

      • Beautiful tower across the river that has a 360° panoramic view and swing that goes off the side of the building where you can overlook the entire city

        • Highly HIGHLY recommend

        • There is a line to go on the swing even if you booked a specific time on the website so if you are planning out timing, take into account possibly a 10-45 minute wait

        • There is a bar one floor below the rooftop where you can get drinks and they have tickets you can reserve for the swing that comes with a drink, or a combination of swing and meal at Moon (description below)

        • Book here: 

      • Moon is a restaurant at the top of the tower which continuously spins 360° as you eat, so you always have an incredible and rotating view of the entire city

        • The food is not the best you’ll ever have, but definitely a unique and cool experience I would recommend

        • 100% make a reservation as early as possible

        • Make a reservation here: 

  • Famous Amsterdam food (Review if I tried it)

    • Bitterballen

      • Croquet like beef balls

      • Almost like a mashed potato texture inside but fried and crunchy on the outsidea

    • Kapsalon

      • Fries with shawarma, cheese, and sauce

      • Actually incredible and an absolute must try

    • Ossenworst

      • Smoked beef sausage

    • Frikandel

      • Deep fried skinless sausage

    • Kaassouffle

      • Pocket of deep fried cheese

    • Appelschnitt

      • Pastry stuffed with apple, raisins, and cinnamon

    • Oeufs En Meurette

      • Poached eggs in red wine sauce

  • Breakfast Places and Reviews

    • Pannenkoekenhuis

      • Absolute must, the best pancakes in all of Amsterdam and arguably the best breakfast I have ever had

      • We got the brie, bacon, and honey which was amazing as well as the cinnamon banana and strawberry pancakes which featured special strawberries that are only in season for six weeks of the year in Holland and they were easily the best strawberries I have ever had

      • The restaurant is literally in an apartment with only 4 tables though so reserve by calling ahead far in advance

      • Your reservation is given up if you are five minutes late and when we went I had a res at 12, got there at 12:03, and there were literally people waiting and hoping I wouldn’t show up in the next 2 minutes so they could take my res

  • Lunch Places and Reviews

    • Foodhallen

      • Tons of different restaurants in this place of all different cuisines

        • Highly recommend getting many dishes from all different places to try everything out

    • Waterkant

      • Right on the Singel canal so it has a beautiful view but not the greatest food

    • Comestible Kinders

      • Amazing sandwiches that are so cheap but also a little small so I would recommend getting two

      • The shaved ribeye is maybe the best sandwich I have ever had

      • This place was so good I woke up early in the morning on my last day there to get it again and bring it to the airport

  • Dinner Places and Reviews

    • Moon

      • See complete description under the A’DAM Tower in Things to Do and Reviews

  • Dessert/Late Night Eats/Snacks

    • Febo

      • One of my all time favorite places in Amsterdam​

      • Basically a vending machine for all cheap and famous Amsterdam food

    • Wil Graanstra Friteshuis

      • Awesome fries but they sell out by mid-afternoon so make sure to get there early

    • Heertje Friet

      • Probably my favorite fries I had in the city​

    • Mannekenpis

      • Great fries​

    • High Snack

      • Located right outside the Red Light District, I would highly recommend getting the Kapsalon​

    • Winkel 43

      • The best apple pie I have ever had​

      • Would recommend going here Monday morning for breakfast and then hopping over the the antique fair because they are right next to each other

    • Van Stapele Koekmakerij

      • The best cookie in all of Amsterdam

      • This place is on everyone's list to go to so there is already a decent line to get in at 10am when they open

      • Literally the best cookie I might have ever had, definitely worth the wait

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